About Us


SAYANG TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD, is a tourist company specializing in international business tours, holiday tours and incentive tours. In line with its service concepts based on honesty and trustworthiness, the number of tourists now booking trips and overnight stays with this company has increased forty times after only ten years of practical work and development.


Apparently, SAYANG TRAVEL has served tourist globally, like tourist from China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and etc. Thereafter, long-term business relationships have also been established with many well-known tourist group organizers.


SAYANG TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD, with its integrated networks and quality service standards, is a good example of the nature of quality tours. A professional team of highly qualified and diligent staff with a wide and varied experience in the tourist industry has been organized by SAYANG TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD. The aim of all, no matter sales person, office clerks or tour guides, is to achieve maximum guest satisfaction.


At the same time, SAYANG TRAVEL also has the most advanced railway and aviation networks and hotel reservation system which enable tourists to experience problem-free and convenient communications with it. SAYANG TRAVEL representative offices have functional departments to provide comprehensive services in terms of invitations, planning trips, booking tickets, applying for visas, hotel reservations and car rental which have helped tourists greatly. It has also provided tourists and tour organizers with the latest and most up-to-date information on tours.


Using the concept of ‘open development’, SAYANG TRAVEL has developed and maintained strategic co-operative partnerships with airlines, hotels, tourist attractions and other relevant industries. Since its foundation and thanks to its service networks, SAYANG TRAVEL has successfully managed many important receptive service tasks such as 56th international beauty exhibition in year 2007, China-He Zhou (Malaysia) tourism event, Southeast Asia cross border romance wedding tour in year 2008, 13th anniversary Mary Kay China-Malaysia oversea special seminar, whose considerate and excellent services are regarded highly by all the authorized organization’s leading.


SAYANG TRAVEL puts tourists’ requirements first and adapts their services and products to suit these requirements. Therefore taking into consideration the trends of the tourist market and the special needs of citizens, SAYANG TRAVEL has carefully designed and organized a series of excellent tourist itineraries. At the same time, it is trying to make use of its inherent advantages to lower the costs in an effort to enable more tourist to enjoy ‘Mercedes’ treatment by SAYANG TRAVEL at ‘Volkswagen’ prices.


SAYANG TRAVEL treasures lasting trust and co-operation with its clients and will promote its further development with detailed and considerate services.

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